About the Law Office

This law office focuses on:

  • Entertainment Contracts & Negotiation
  • Business Contracts & Negotiation
  • Not For Profit Creation & Management

About Monroe Mann

Some bullet points:

  • Attorney Instructor, AttorneyCredits.com
  • JD/MBA/LLM from Pace Law/Pace University.
  • PhD in Psychology from Capella University
  • Masters in Entrepreneurship from Western Carolina University
  • Founder & Executive Director, BreakDiving.org
  • Founder & Executive Director, SaveOurTappanZee.org
  • Owner & Lead Coder, StriveList.com
  • Owner & Lead Coder, MyMusic.bio
  • Published author of 8 widely available books
  • Producer & Lead Musician/Speaker on the Album, "Get Off Your Ass"
  • Creator & Lead Instructor, Actors Film School (now a part of Break Diving, Inc.)
  • Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Director, Co-Star, "You Can't Kill Stephen King"
  • Speaks English, French, Italian, Chinese, and some Spanish/German/Portuguese

Why Us?

It's hard to choose a good attorney these days. I'm going to make the choice easy for you.

  • I'm an incredible attorney who you'll enjoy working with because I'm also friendly and nice.
  • My fees are lower and more fair than you'll find elsewhere.
  • I'm probably the only attorney you'll find with a PhD, an MBA in finance, a Masters in Entrepreneurship, and a Masters of Laws.
  • I'm one of the few attorneys you will meet who actually practices what he practices--I'm a SAG/AFTRA/Equity actor; a successful published author, a successful feature filmmaker; a successful musician; a succesful public speaker; a sucessful business owner; a successful not-for-profit 'business owner'; and the list goes on. Google me for more info, and check out IMDb, Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, BreakDiving.org, SaveOurTappanZee.org, and the list goes on.

You see, I didn't become an attorney to get clients. I became an attorney to manage my own career and businesses more efficiently and successfully. I am still the lead attorney on all of my own projects.

So I know implicitly what you are going through because... I have probably already lived through it yourself in some capacity. I understand my clients far better than most of my competition. That translates to a much more fun working relationship, and a far greater likelihood that we more quickly end up on the same page.