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The Total Kick in the Pants

Want a combination of anything and everything below?  This program will look at, consider, and revamp every single part of your life.  By acting as both your drill sergeant and motivational cheerleader, as well as life coach, financial coach, success coach, time management coach, etc., Monroe will help you put together a master plan (and provide you with the wherewithal) to help ensure this next year and decade is the best of your life.  Click here for free consultation.

Life & Career Coaching

Are you generally confused about your life and current career direction?  Having difficulty figuring out the next steps to take?  Success is within your reach.  Don't spend another moment living a life you don't want to lead!  Confidence, Peace of mind, and the Success you have been searching for.  That's what working with me translates into.   Click here for free consultation.

Success & Time Management Coaching

Ambition, wherewithal, and a plan of action are all meaningless if you can't find the time to put the plan into action.  Similarly, having time management skills is worthless without ambition, wherewithal, and a plan of action.  I can provide you both of these things to you.  People often ask me, "Do you sleep?" because I accomplish so much.  Answer: "Yes. Let me guide you." 

Business & Marketing Coaching & Consulting

Do you have a business or the dream of starting one?  Do you have a knock-out business, marketing, and networking plan?  Sales systems?  A good financial handle of things?  Do you have the money you need to expand?  If you an entrepreneur with a desire to expand and/or simply enjoy consistent profits each month, look no further: I can help you put together the plan you need to get where you want to go.  

Personal Financial Management Coaching
I.N.V.E.S.T.O.R. is the acronyn I created to help individuals to better understand all of the different ways money is made, and how you can use each one.  I cover F.F.F., Savings, Investments, Budgets, Personal Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Credit Card debt, and so much more.  Every topic is customized for your unique situation.  Click here for free consultation.

Unstoppable Artists Coaching & Consulting

Unstoppable Artists (formerly Unstoppable Actors) is the pre-cursor to my law firm.  If you are an artist (of any sort) and want specific coaching and consulting for your career, welcome!  I will help you create and/or revise your career plan and strategy, optimized for success.

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Acting or Directing Coaching

If you seek coaching as an actor for a monologue, a scene, a play, or a film, OR is you are a director seeking guidance on the best techniques for eliciting the best performances from your actors, I'm happy to lend you my experience as both a professional actor and a professional film director.  Click here for free consultation.

Production Advice & Consulting

In 2010, Mann raised the money for the feature film, "You Can't Kill Stephen King", which he co-wrote, co-directed, and co-starred in.  In 2015, after five years of difficult work, it has been released in over 15 worldwide territories, and is now also available stateside on Amazon and Netflix, and at Best Buy.  Mann, Khalil (producing partner), and the film are now represented by Big Screen Entertainment in Los Angeles, California.  Click here for free consultation.

Fundraising / Investor Consulting

Business Financial Management Coaching

T.R.U.S.T. is the acronym Mann created after many failed attempts at fundraising, the fruits of which resulted in fully financing his feature film, "You Can't Kill Stephen King" in 2010.  If you are running a business and need help figuring out your P&Ls and Balance Sheet, or need help convincing investors to fork over the dough, let me help you put together a bang-up plan.