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汉语.  Français.  Italiano.  And a little Deutsch, Español, Portugués.
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W.Y.S.E. guidance

Real stories.  Real experiences.  From people who have been there, done that.  Medical.  Legal.  Travel.  Sports.  Languages.  And the list goes on.  Do you have a story YOU would like to share with the community?  Check it all out at:   And let us know you're interested!

The Fluency Project

Tired of not moving past the 'almost fluent' level of language learning.  The Fluency Project's goal is to force you to do the only things that will result in you finally becoming undeniably fluent: speaking--a lot.  listening--a lot.  reading--a lot.  writing--a lot.  Visit for more info.   And let us know you're interested!

Break Diving

No Rules.  No Excuses.  No Regrets.  

Check out for more info about how to join our group of winners for free!    And let us know you're interested!

Accountability School

Always remembering that good now is better than perfect never, Accountability School strives to not only help you figure out what you need to do, but also make sure you do it! :)   Let us know you're interested!

1-Degree Networking

You've probably heard of six degrees of Kevin Bacon.  I'm also pretty sure you don't know Kevin Bacon, and wouldn't even know how to reach him through your six degrees anyway.  Enter One Degree Networking.  I think 1 degree of Kevin Bacon makes a lot more practical sense. If you want to join (it's free), let us know you're interested!

Loco Dawn Films, LLC

Monroe's feature film production company.  Click below to see some of the recent projects.  You're laugh, you'll cry, you'll ______.  (Can you fill this in based on your movie pop culture knowledge?)    Let us know you're interested!

Trailer - You Can't Kill Stephen King
(Full movie now available on Amazon, Netflix, Best Buy, etc.)

Origami Deathmatch - My Film School Graduation Project

One of Many "Before the Big Break" Interviews
This one is with Pretty Woman producer Gary Goldstein

Monroe Mann Acting

Monroe Mann is a professional actor and host (SAG/AFTRA/EQUITY) who has appeared in a number of films, commercials, and tv shows.  You can check him out on IMDb and watch some of his work in the below videos.  Enjoy!

"Wow, really REALLY great.  You can ACT!" -- former Talent Agent and current Juilliard School/ Tisch School acting faculty member Brian O'Neill, after seeing the below two acting reels.   Want to contact Monroe?

Monroe Mann Dramatic Acting Reel

Monroe Mann Comedy Acting Reel

Monroe Mann Music

Monroe released his first full length album in 2010, a motivational rock extravaganza called, "Get Off Your Ass". It's a cross between a Tony Robbins seminar and a Weezer concert.  You can buy it on Amazon, and listen to the songs for free at SoundCloud.  Below, you can watch a few of his self-produced music videos, two of which were selected by for use on their website.  The first was also shown on Canada's Much Music Television.  Want to contact Monroe?

The Sun Is Always Shining Somewhere

Hollywood Girls

Life is Tough

Emergency Medecine

Monroe is a state licensed and nationally (NREMT) certified EMT.  Over the last 7 years, he has volunteered at various Emergency Medical services, including working in Haiti after the earthquake.  Having a medical emergency?  Get off this website and CALL 911 already!  :D