• "Monroe inspires me, and his books will inspire you too!" - Cynthia Kersey, Author of the bestseller, "Unstoppable"

  • "To make it big, you need the Real Deal. Mr. Mann is the Real Deal." - Jay Conrad Levinson, author of "Guerrilla Marketing", a book with over 14 million copies sold worldwide.

  • "I have been using Monroe's legal services for all of my entertainment contract needs for years. He's helped me with screenplay contracts, producing agreements, and more. His fees are reasonable, he is attentive, gets back to me promptly (even while he was living in China), and does thorough work. He is my go-to attorney for all of my contract needs and I recommend him without hesitation." - Michael Doane, Screenwriter, Producer, 2017

  • "Monroe really "listened" to our needs first & then got all of our legal reviews, documents & questions handled in a very efficient manner to our satisfaction." - Scott duPont, Film Producer, 2018

  • "You are amazing, your class is amazing, and I wish it weren’t over! I learned so much, became so inspired, it’s the class that keeps on giving even after the sessions are over! My brain clicked into this place where ideas flow more freely… It’s a lot of ‘bang for your buck’. I learned so much about business and about myself… and it’s something theatre people know mostly nothing about" - Amber Smith, Former Radio City Rockette

  • "Thank you for all your help with my high profile legal matter. You not only helped my career, but also helped ensure my safety." - Leandra Ramm, Actress, International Opera Singer www.LeandraRamm.com

  • "Monroe -- you are a rocket ship and you're heading upwards at faster than the speed of light! I'll never be surprised to learn that word of mouth about you travels just as fast." - Jay Conrad Levinson, International Bestselling Author of "Guerrilla Marketing with over 14 million copies sold worldwide

  • "Honest & to the point. I contacted Monroe months ago to review a situation I had to see if it was worth making a case for. He set a fair, low price for the review. He got back to me in the time frame(FAST) he set up. The words were not what I wanted to hear(don't do it, or do it and most likely lose), but they were the honest answers." - Brian Wixson, Producer & Actor, 2018

  • "Monroe Mann has helped make the impossible seem practical by converting the stop-and-go, to-be-or-not conundrums of the usual actors psyche into an objective, doable business career path--the psyche of the star. Instead of only beautifully reciting sonnets to the moon (ah! acting school!), I also now have the necessary calculus to launch my career moon shot with a strong probability of success. In every class, I could feel the confidence and enthusiasm of the students grow through Monroe's empowering business teaching abilities and cutting edge curriculum. I most highly recommend Monroe Mann and his programs to every actor wanting to achieve serious goals in this business." - Curt Nielsen, Actor, 2002

  • "Reading The Theatrical Juggernaut and joining Unstoppable Actors, awakened within me something that I already knew, but forgot. The only thing standing between myself and greatness is... myself. I now have the vision, the tools, and the drive. "Using the techniques I learned from Monroe, I finally took my career into my own hands. I quit my so-called ‘survival job’, and I am now a full-time working actor and producer. I have been interviewed on Carson Daly, in New York Magazine, at Broadway.com, and others... All within months after meeting Monroe Mann. Thanks Monroe ! See you at the Top!" - Douglas C. Williams, Actor, Producer, Businessman http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1980670/

  • "A friend of mine said “Jeff, you have to check out this web site…unstoppableactors.com; it’s right up your alley.” So I checked it out, liked what I saw, and made plans in my head to call Monroe & take his class. In the meantime I purchased his book “The Theatrical Juggernaut” and started reading it. Wow! Talk about motivation, I felt totally empowered after just the first chapter. In the meantime, I had auditioned for a legit agent who was very interested in me but explained that they had two other actors, who were “my type”, who always booked for them. But he kept my headshots and said, “you never know what might change.” After reading “The Theatrical Juggernaut”, I felt so “unstoppable” that I wrote a letter to this agent, included movie tickets and told him to go to the movies and spot roles that he could have cast me in. A couple of days later he called informing me that he was going to sign me. If I hadn’t read Monroe’s book I would not have an agent right now. My actions in getting this agent were directly due to “The Theatrical Juggernaut”. Thanks Monroe!! I have signed up for Monroe’s class and I can wait to conquer the business." - Jeff Goldstein, Screenwriter, Actor, & Producer www.JeffGoldstein.com

  • "The Theatrical Juggernaut is truly one-of-a-kind! It is filled with extremely valuable information for actors looking to take the business of acting seriously. Mr. Mann has also developed a business school for actors entitled, Unstoppable Actors. This as well is an extremely valuable class. As a graduate of the class, I can personally attest to its validity! Mr. Mann teaches valuable information such as marketing and public relations that are otherwise overlooked in traditional acting school." - Linnet Cochrane, Actor, 2002

  • "Monroe, the book you wrote for actors is the most informative, motivating book that I have EVER read. I've read dozens of books that are meant to help the actor, but NONE come even close to the clear-cut book you so brilliantly wrote. I now see my career in a whole new light, and can actually see the my being a success is within my power. Your class was nothing short of amazing. I walked away with the tools to get started on planning my own future and being my own boss. I can ONLY become a success now that I have the right plan, tools, and attitude to succeed in this world. In fact, I think every small business person should take your classes. They are a real "shot in the arm" for anyone who needs fresh ideas. Thanks." - Ginger Chapin, Actor, Radio Show Host, 2002 www.GingerLeilaniChapin.com

  • "Monroe helped me create iron clad contracts for me to use in every situation I do business in. Film, commercials, TV, music and corporate. I had been ripped off a few times and Monroe helped me stop the financial bleeding." - Matt LoGuercio, 2018

  • "Your class is wonderful. I am totally impressed with your outlook on life and your drive to reach your goals! I plan to be right along side of you! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! After talking with you, I realized that I have allowed MYSELF to stumble and have not worked as hard as I could work to make my dreams come true. NO LONGER BABY! There are no more excuses for Daphne! I'M GONNA TAKE THIS ITTY BITTY WORLD BY STORM, AND I'M JUST GETTING WARM!" - Daphne Bazemore, Actor, Producer, 2002

  • "This book may be just the antidote for an actor who has completely lost faith or given up control over his destiny." - Backstage West, on Monroe's book, "The Theatrical Juggernaut"

  • "Let me tell you why you should hire Monroe to be your life, business, or career coach. I joined Monroe’s email list and upon receiving his first newsfeed, I was blown away by his enthusiasm, accomplishments, and drive to help others achieve. Unlike many other coaches, Monroe’s approach is unique in that he not only truly cares, but he takes all aspects of your life into consideration in order to formulate a path that’s right just for you. He is inspiring and provides simple, but effective solutions to help you get to where you want to be. Best investment I've made in years." - Alicia Borys, Coaching & Legal Client, December 2015

  • "You deserve high praise. I've never seen anyone as focused as you. You're like the Tony Robbins of the acting world. You are so well polished and really have your act together. I’m glad to have someone like you, a guru, on my side… My wife likes my new attitude and air, and frankly so do I. Nothing will get in my way!!" - Chris Lucas, My Very FIRST Coaching Client, Author, Actor (All GTA Video Games), 2001 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Lucas

  • "This man will change your life AND your career!" - Charlotte Patton, Actress and Singer www.CharlottePatton.com

  • "I am a producer with over twenty-five years’ experience in the motion picture industry. Some of the films I have produced are “Gremlins”, “Innerspace”, “The ‘burbs”, “Deceived”, “Matinee”, and “Small Soldiers”. I met Monroe Mann recently through a friend who works for CNN who interviewed him for a segment about army reservists and their outside lives, Monroe being a reservist who is also an actor. I was immediately struck by his intelligence and determination to succeed. Unlike many equally ambitious young people who want to get into show business, I feel Monroe has the seriousness of purpose and work ethic to pull it off. In the few short months I have known him, he has co-written a screenplay, enlisted a professional sports organization to cooperate with the production, attached a known actor, and put the movie on the road to actually being produced. This is an amazing accomplishment for someone with no inside connections in the industry whatsoever, who has had to rely on nothing more than his own commitment and drive to get things done. I have no doubts that Monroe Mann will succeed in this endeavor and any others he sets his mind to."- Mike Finnell, Legendary Hollywood Producer, 2003 NOTE: I ended up producing You Can't Kill Stephen King first. :)

  • I graduated from Monroe's course in the spring of 2003. When I arrived at the school, I was a steadily working commercial actor (Novartis, Sony, Xerox, Ovaltine, Breck Shampoo, etc) with an average of a booking each week. Using the techniques I learned at Unstoppable Artists, I’m now taking it all to the next level. Now armed with stronger business & marketing tools from the Unstoppable Artists, I am now approaching the market more specifically and creating an entertainment TV dog show which I will host with my dog. I also started my own company, Leashes & Lovers, which has afforded me interviews in many publications, including Glamour. - Sheryl Mathys, Actress, Spokeswoman, Business Owner www.LightsCameraTalent.com

  • Monroe's book should be the handbook for all actors who actually want to make a living at acting! I expected Monroe's class to be informative and to give me a jumpstart on getting excited about my career again. Not only did the class exceed my expectations, it blew me away! By teaching the importance of both business sense and consistent positive attitude, Monroe has challenged the myth that "good acting" is the most important success tool. - Julie Zelman, Actor, 2002

  • I read Monroe Mann's first book "Theatrical Juggernaut," while on sabbatical in California. I was blown away! It was such a wake up call, and a revelation!! One of my favorite lines in this highly inspirational as well as educational book is "The best time to give it your all is when you’ve got nothing left to give." Well, I was exactly at that point. So, I took the leap of faith upon returning to New York, and enrolled in Unstoppable Artists. An intensely thought provoking and truly business enhancing class. Mr. Mann sets forth the importance of running your business as an entrepreneur. Developing an understanding and the use of PMA and how to incorporate it. Expounds on the importance of visibility, and attitude. Gaining and keeping clarity in your business, your business strategy and personal style. Not only is Mr. Mann an incredibly positive and unstoppable force in person, but he is also a wonderful teacher and coach. In fact I would take the course again, to brush up and reinforce all of the invaluable techniques and business sense he imparted. My business and personal style are forever changed. Though I am still implementing, and learning how to incorporate everything we have absorbed over the last five week intensive workshop, I know that I am on my way, and walking away from a course, that has and will change the course of my life. I recommend Monroe Mann to anyone who wants to enhance their business "know how," and who is serious about success. Put a kick in your pants to get your dreams up and off the ground, become a CEO & CSO and enroll in any of Monroe's courses! Thank you Monroe Mann! Lastly, in graduating from the Monroe's program, I am proud to have added to my personal network an alumni of incredibly talented individuals. - Emilie Bonsant, Actress

  • "Monroe Mann's book, The Theatrical Juggernaut, is so worth buying! Its enthusiasm and emphasis on positive thinking and self-belief is a must-read, and not just for actors. Monroe's book gives us all hope, whether we're actors or not, to develop and live our dreams and make what we individually envision part of our physical collective reality. His class is dynamic and chock full of information about the actor as a business person and ONLY as a business person--a new way of thinking about one's acting career to jolt us all out of our complacency. In fact, the class NEEDS to be expanded, as there are so many questions from his students that the time allotted is far too short! Unstoppable Actors [ed. note. my former company name] needs to expand for these reasons and many others I haven't even mentioned. Monroe provides a valuable service to both the acting community and the community at large." - Sunny Jared West, Actor, 2002

  • And read all of the multiple 4 and 5-star reviews of Monroe's books on Amazon! Do you want to add your testimonial here? If you have worked with Monroe, please share your testimonial directly by contacting Monroe.

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