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  • Top Ten Contract Mistakes Smart People Make
  • Get It In Writing, You Beautiful Idiot (Coming Soon)
  • Why You're a Fool if You Don't Have a Simple Will (Coming Soon)
  • A Living Will Is For When You're Dead, But... Alive (Coming Soon)
  • So What Exactly is a Living Trust, & Why Should You Have One? (Coming Soon)
  • When Would I Need a Special Needs Trust, & How to Create One? (Coming Soon)
  • I'm Single, No Kids, & Have No Assets--I Don't Need a Will, Right? (Coming Soon)
  • Isn't It Less Expensive to Use Sites Like LegalZoom to Make My Will? (Coming Soon)
  • I'm Not a Huge Success Yet, & Don't Have Much Money, So I'm Gonna Be a Stupid Artist/Entrepreneur and Wait to Hire an Attorney
  • Deciphering the Different Business Entity Types--Which One For Me? (Coming Soon)
  • Ready to Start a Not-For-Profit? Here are the Steps. (Coming Soon)
  • Why Launching Your Company as a Not-For-Profit Makes SO MUCH SENSE (Coming Soon)
  • And more coming soon!



  • Someone Has to be on the Next Cover of People Magazine, Right?
  • The Story of the Creative Friends (Coming Soon)
  • Do NOT Give Yourself a 'Deadline' (Coming Soon)
  • Learn to Produce Your Own Projects (Coming Soon)
  • Synergistic Diversification™ (Coming Soon)
  • An Agent Helps, But You Don't Need an Agent. (Coming Soon)
  • The Agent Matrix™ (Coming Soon)
  • And more coming soon!


  • What is Guerrilla Networking?
  • $1 Spent Needs to Bring Back $2 in Income. (Coming Soon)
  • Don't Hire a Publicist. (Coming Soon)
  • Why Are You Different? (Coming Soon)
  • Michael Levine's Tiffany Principle (Coming Soon)
  • What is Guerrilla Marketing? (Coming Soon)
  • Creating Your Own Marketing Tree™ (Coming Soon)
  • No Rules
  • No Excuses
  • No Regrets
  • And more coming soon!


  • The Power of Why
  • You Are Lazy. That's Why You Don't Get Things Done. (Coming Soon)
  • You Are Complacent. That's Why You Don't Get Things Done. (Coming Soon)
  • 3... 2.. 1... Successful New Year! (Coming Soon)
  • The Difference Between Strives & Goals (Coming Soon)
  • Winners Do It Now™ (Coming Soon)
  • Good Now is Better than Perfect Never (Coming Soon)
  • Think Bigger (Coming Soon)
  • And more coming soon!


  • Go Visit Shanghai, China (Coming Soon)
  • Travel By Train Throughout Europe (Coming Soon)
  • Learn to Swim and Ride a Bike (Coming Soon)
  • Read all the Other Articles Monroe Posted on this Page! (Coming Soon)
  • Learn the 45 Unbreakable Rules of Dating (Coming Soon)
  • Don't Give Up a Dream Too Soon. (Coming Soon)
  • The Art of Re-Dreaming. (Coming Soon)
  • What is Break Diving? (Coming Soon)
  • You Should Learn How To Code. (Comein Soon)
  • And more coming soon!

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